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Set your personal goals for 2022 and achieve them!

Article posted: 02/12/2021
Set your personal goals for 2022 and achieve them!

What if 2022 was different?

That you got your ducks in a row and started to achieve the things that you want to.

Let’s help you crystalise your personal goals for 2022 with our 60 minute goal-setting workshop.

So, what do you want to achieve in 2022?

• Speak a new language?
• Give up smoking?
• Learn to ballroom dance?
• Take up a new sport?
• Challenge your cookery skills?
• Lose some weight?

In this 60 minute session Rachel McGuinness from Wake Up With Zest will cover:

• The different types of goals and how they work
• How to get those goals written down in a way that inspires you
• How to create your initial action list and get that first step ticked off ASAP
• The different types of accountability and which is right for you
• How to avoid sabotaging your best efforts when things don’t go according to plan
• Getting dates in the diary for our quarterly check-in sessions to see how you’re getting on


FRIDAY 14 JANUARY 12:30 - 13:30

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