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Gold-Vision Announces Release of Brand-New Software

Article posted: 10/04/2024
Gold-Vision Announces Release of Brand-New Software

Article by Gold-Vision.

Launching on 23rd April 2024, Gold-Vision Marketing is the brand-new digital marketing product created by the software authors and developers of our award-winning CRM. While in development, Gold-Vision Marketing has been influenced by valued feedback from our existing customers and input from across the business. This includes our marketing team and in-house UI & UX Designer who has over 20 years of experience in marketing agency work, web design, and user experience.

Why did a CRM business decide to create a digital marketing product?

  • In response to the growing importance of truly aligned sales and marketing teams, Gold-Vision Marketing has the tools a modern marketer can’t live without and integrates seamlessly with Gold-Vision CRM. As a result, sales and marketing teams have everything they need to work together, be more productive, and boost revenue.
  • It also solves the problem many marketing teams face of having to use a variety of different tools for different purposes, such as email design and distribution, social media content, landing pages, analytics and reporting… the list goes on. This leads to businesses forking out on multiple individual subscription costs for different products, which are only used by a few employees. The use of multiple subscriptions comes with three main issues:
  • Marketing software isn’t cheap. The total cost of all these subscriptions can become extortionate
    Managing budgets and subscriptions becomes a headache. With different costs and annual renewal dates for each piece of software, you’re likely to spend a lot of time managing them and getting them signed off
    No alignment between sales and marketing. Content is created and distributed with little visibility of the entire marketing campaign and conversions

What are the key features and benefits?

  • Campaign management - Plan and manage entire marketing campaigns from beginning to end, all in one place
  • Insights & reporting - Create detailed reports and sharable dashboards to present your results
  • Fully integrated with Gold-Vision CRM - Integrate with key business tools to enhance your marketing efforts
  • Brand & digital content - Store key brand information such as logos and colour pallets in one location, and easily apply them to your marketing content
  • Landing pages - Compliment your emails with easy-to-design landing pages, and use forms to capture interest
  • Marketing automation - Automate clever, multi-level email campaigns based on recipient interactions, such as specific link clicks and email open

Want to find out more about Gold-Vision Marketing? Visit our website here:

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