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Plastic pollution in the crosshairs for BITA's #beplasticaware initiative


The British Irish Trading Alliance (BITA) announces the launch of #beplasticaware, an initiative of its newly established Global Forum to increase awareness of the impact of plastic pollution across the world. This will be a long-term focus dedicated to galvanising BITA members and communities through charitable action and organisational dedication to plastic reduction.

The difficulties of plastic faced by wildlife, and increasingly by humans, has been making headlines in recent years, but we haven’t seen much on industry specific impact and action outside of the hospitality and beauty industries. We know that construction and many other industries can play a huge part in tackling excess plastic use and over the next few years BITA plans to make this a focus of the organisation.

BITA has chosen to kick off our new initiative #beplasticaware by supporting World Cleanup Day, an international initiative that takes places across over 150 councties. Plastic pollution is bad for business, so BITA, including partners Club Hibernia (Australia) and its US Ambassador Sorcha Rochford, are planning to do something about it. BITA President Paul Whitnell says; "We all like to walk on a clean beach, however there is so much plastic either being washed out to sea or washing up on shores that we need to take action to clean up the mess."

BITA now plans to work with different organisations globally to unite and engage people to act together. The aim? Remove as much plastic as possible from industries where BITA members have a presence. "We want our global members to take simple steps to reduce the impact plastics are having on their local environment” says Paul. “It is a long-term commitment. We are all in this together and small, simple actions by a lot of people can make a massive difference."

Leading the BITA charge is Chapter Chair; Isle of Man, Brendon Kenny who is Head of Engagement for the Changing Streams organisation.  Teaming up with the Beach Buddies initiative he will be rallying the BITA members to join forces for an annual beach clean-up. Commenting on his involvement, Brendon said "Plastic pollution in our oceans now affects us all. We are proud to support the Beach Buddies initiative as part of our #BITAaware activity plan. This will be the first of multiple events we are organising to drive up awareness of the plastic challenge and to make our beaches as clean as possible. We’ll start at the beaches and work our way in!”.

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Global Forum29 Jul 21

Deforestation infographic

This graphic has kindly been provided by Peter Watson who attends the University of Greenwich and is a friend of our members Newton Waterproofing.  Peter is passionate about all things concerning with sustainability and is often found clearing up and recycling rubbish in his local village where he was voted best villager in 2017!

Edited 26 Aug 21
Global Forum
Global Forum21 Jan 21

Welcome to Shelly Fisher from tomorrow's VA to the London Chapter and Global forum!

Global Forum
Global Forum24 Nov 20

Paul Whitnell wants to arrange an event to educate people.

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