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Collaborations and Connectivity

BITA International showcases the members we have across the world.

International collaborations exist with organisations within other territories to provide members of both networks with opportunities, connections, and communication capabilities.

​Individuals act as Ambassadors to increase our reach and provide connections who have local knowledge for our membership, in areas where we are forging relationships or considering a chapter opening.​

Cultural exchange is supported to sustain and enhance ties with the global Irish community, and promotion activity for the collaborating country’s Leisure and Tourism is encouraged. ​

If any of our members are interested in working with any of the nations represented by the membership in this section, this is the place to start!



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BITA22 Nov 23

We are very to announce our newest members Engineering Contracting CO LLC - As one of the most established and diverse contracting companies in the UAE, ECC offers unified contracting services to enable the most innovative and cost-effective value engineering solutions for it. 

Ambassadors/Collaborators23 Aug 23

We are very happy to announce our Ambassadors of the BITA International chapter! Rock Sports Group - We believe elite athletes are not machines. And they are certainly not assets to be leveraged or brands to be exploited. They are phenomenally talented individuals who need to be encouraged, advised and supported. So, they can be the best they can be. So, they can realize their dreams. A modern professional athlete is a significant employer with significant responsibilities.

BITA04 Aug 23

Exciting news from our Gold Sponsors Krol Corlett Construction - they've just completed a fantastic new rebrand, they will be updating there website soon and we think it looks amazing! :) 


Join BITA now and begin building strong business relationships with other UK and Irish businesses.
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