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Anne Healy - Ireland AmbassadorAnne Healy - Ireland Ambassador
Owner of Biddys Good Luck Horse Shoes
BITA Ambassador - Kilkenny based
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Enda Newton - Ireland AmbassadorEnda Newton - Ireland Ambassador
Partner at Eversheds Sutherland Ireland
BITA Ambassador Dublin based
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Gearoid Considine -  Australia AmbassadorGearoid Considine - Australia Ambassador
Managing Director of BrightSide Consultants
BITA Ambassador for Australia
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INUSA - Ambassadors - USAINUSA - Ambassadors - USA
USA Ambassadors
Irish Network USA, representing USA
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Jim Healy - UAE and KSA AmbassadorJim Healy - UAE and KSA Ambassador
Managing director of NuLumenTek
BITA Ambassador for UAE and KSA
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Mark Dutton - Dubai AmbassadorMark Dutton - Dubai Ambassador
Executive Director at MD Consultancy Services FZ LLE
BITA Ambassador for UAE
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Martin Murtagh - Boarder Counties AmbassadorMartin Murtagh - Boarder Counties Ambassador
Founder of The Growth Company
BITA Ambassador for the boarder Counties
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Michael CahalaneMichael Cahalane
Managing Director of Warren Smith Consulting Engineers
Ambassador of Australia
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Niina Keituri-BenMabrouk - Tunisia AmbassadorNiina Keituri-BenMabrouk - Tunisia Ambassador
Communication Coach, public speaker, social media manager/marketer at Niina Communications.
BITA Global Ambassador for Tunisia
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Noel ByrneNoel Byrne
Director of Ardent Tide
BITA Ambassador
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Orla O'LearyOrla O'Leary
Independent Business Consultant at Company Hub
BITA Ambassador for South West
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Ricardo Reynoso - Mexico AmbassadorRicardo Reynoso - Mexico Ambassador
Works at International Commerce Consultants
BITA Ambassador for Mexico
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Richard GogginRichard Goggin
Founder of WorkWall Ltd
BITA Ambassador for Cork
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Stanislav Shport - Ukraine AmbassadorStanislav Shport - Ukraine Ambassador
Founder of Remount House
BITA Ambassador for Ukraine
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Sylwia Biczyk - Poland AmbassadorSylwia Biczyk - Poland Ambassador
English / Polish Translator
BITA Ambassador for Poland
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Join BITA now and begin building strong business relationships with other UK and Irish businesses.
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