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Following consultations with members, board members and sponsors, we spent 2020 and 2021 developing new ways that we can support the growth of our incredible business community. By teaming up with innovative and dedicated members and supporters of BITA, we have developed this Business Support section, where we can offer materials, resources and access to help make managing your business as smooth as possible.

In our Business Support Section, you will find:

HR Hub HR Hub
HR specialists Practical HR have developed outstanding HR hubs for our members in the UK and Ireland, and stocked it full of everything you need if you don’t have your own in-house HR department. Members of BITA can access around 40% of the resources as part of their BITA membership. Should you want to extend this, you can take out BITA+ membership which will provide you with total access for you and your company for the life of your BITA membership.
HR Hub
H&S Hub H&S Hub
BITA members have complimentary access to oneSAFE as part of their membership. Built by Health and Safety experts, this portal provides you with: Regular updated library of H&S documentation, receive notifications about updates to H&S regulations and access to H&S guidance.
H&S Hub
Mentor/Specialist Hub Mentor/Specialist Hub
As part of our mission to help young people access education, expertise and experience through BITAx, BITA created an online portal that offers access to mentors and specialists. This has grown, and is no longer specifically aimed at young people, but anyone who feels they could benefit from a mentor.
Mentor/Specialist Hub
Procurement Hub Procurement Hub
BITA’s Procurement Hub is a powerful opportunity for our members to work with new clients, suppliers and collaborators. Our Procurement Hub provides easy access to the resources required to fulfil the requirements of a company’s projects and members can post services as well as opportunities for positions or jobs for tender.
Procurement Hub
Resources Hub Resources Hub
Our resources area is where you will find useful videos, downloadable PDFs and more that will help you manage your business plans. Tips for effective presentations, legal updates, financial reviews and more can be found here.
Resources Hub
Training Hub Training Hub
Staff training can be difficult, especially as everything moves online. By working with MyKademy, we have set up the BITA Training Hub that offers both pre-recorded and live training. The pre-recorded videos cover a range of topics, from ROSPA certified electrical safety and working at heights, to GDPR and HS1 construction.
Training Hub
Net Hub Net Hub
Net Hub is an online platform that can help BITA members keep track of all their face-to-face networking activities. There is no subscription or payment required, and it records all kinds of leads and introductions. Use this Hub to help relationship building you do in BITA.
Net Hub
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