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Procurement Hub

BITA is excited to announce our Procurement Hub, a powerful new opportunity for our members to grow their networks and find new clients, suppliers and collaborators. This new venture will be launched in 2 phases.

We are the People who Know People that Help People, and this is the beginning of the next phase of BITA. We hope you are as excited about this new development as we are.

1st Phase Connecting online

The purpose of this new venture is to provide easy access to the resources required to fulfil the requirements of a company’s projects. This will be an easy to use system with multiple benefits.

We have already started getting in touch with our members, asking them to complete a questionnaire with further information about their business. These facts about resources, capabilities, location and reach, training and examples of projects they have delivered, as well as vital details about what sectors/industries/specific businesses they want to have introductions to, will help make this a hub of significant value.

We know that our members represent a broad cross-section of industry in the UK and Ireland today, from sole traders working in competitive markets, to multi-nationals working in highly specialised industries, but by sharing this information about your business we will be able to connect you with opportunity at the right level, and help you access that opportunity yourselves.

To support our members further, we are also providing access to resources and training and gaining endorsements of work carried out so that you can be assured of a quality supplier who can deliver to your needs.

Targeted Introductions

By using the information from our CRM system, we will be able to access details about members and find out, not only who they would like to meet, but to connect them with great people they could benefit from meeting.

2nd Phase – Promoting opportunities on the hub

The Procurement Hub is being designed to promote your opportunities so that members of BITA can tender for them having already been verified through the CRM system, reference checking and PQQ completion.

Join BITA now and begin building strong business relationships with other UK and Irish businesses.
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