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On Friday 6 September 2018, the Isle of Man Chapter of the British Irish Trading Alliance (BITAIOM) welcomed guests from the Isle of Man, UK and Ireland for a networking lunch held at the Comis Hotel and Golf Resort. 

The event launched the BITA Isle of Man Chapter with aims to strengthen the Island’s business connections with the British Isles, encourage collaboration locally, and promote the Isle of Man to visiting delegates as a place to do business.

The Island is a unique place, not just within the BITA network but also globally.  Erroneously being perceived as a tax haven the Island offers opportunities that are as diverse as its own industries and people.

The business community is well known to each other, not just within the various sectors but also because all Island residents are involved with the Community, with Charities and Island life. BITAIOM recognised this and therefore looked to support and work with the various organisations and Government departments so that together the business sector could gain from opportunities that BITA can bring if from off Island.

The reach of BITA is global and it shows that the standing of the Island is recognised when Brendon Kenny the Chair of BITAIOM, was invited to attend the global meetings with the USA, UK, Ireland, Japan, and Australia.

Many may ask what has this Island 221 square miles placed in the middle of the Irish sea has to offer why is doing business there any different from anywhere else. It hosts the longest active parliament “Tynwald”, it has a vast wealth of history and is also a UNESCO biosphere site. Its living environment, safety security are major factors alongside education technology and the ability to engage with Government as well as benefit from the close network of people on the Island.  

BITAIOM are very grateful for the support that the Department for Enterprise have given to the chapter and also to the Chamber of Commerce and IOM Business Network because the end goal for all of us on the Island is to ensure that not only new business can be attracted but that Island businesses can expand and benefit from introductions.   

So keep an eye open for our events which are also different as ordinary drinks and meetings are not what we do at BITAIOM we have to engage with those off Island across the wet stuff as we say.  ( links re YouTube or other events??) and we hope we will be able to say 

Failt erriu dys Ellan Vannin …yes we have our own language as well.


We work closely with other IOM organisations to bring you the best on and off island collaboration opportunites



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Isle of Man
Isle of Man17 Dec 21

We would like to introduce Thalloo Event Management Ltd a new member of the Isle of Man Chapter! They are a family run event management company based on the picturesque Isle of Man.


Isle of Man
Isle of Man27 Apr 21

Workshops for Isle of Man Businesses: Living with COVID-19

The Department for Enterprise and Business Isle of Man have partnered with the Isle of Man Chamber of Commerce to deliver practical workshops for businesses, providing best practice guidance on how to mitigate against the virus whilst continuing business as usual.

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