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Mentor/Specialist Hub

Our Mentor and Specialist Hub was initially created to help us further our mission of assisting young people into employment and generating greater opportunities. By harnessing our biggest and best resource, our members, we have created an incredible ‘library’ of volunteer mentors that any of our members can access – regardless of age, company position, or what they are hoping to achieve.

According to a popular idea doing the rounds, we all need five mentors: a master of their craft, a champion of your cause, a co-pilot, an anchor, and a reverse mentor (where you work with someone younger than you to make sure you have a fresh outlook!). Even if you want to stick with one, this is a great place to find exactly the person you are looking for.

The Mentor Hub is also where you can find specialists, who are experts that are available for one-off questions and quick conversations around their specialism. Got a question about your recruitment strategy, logistics or marketing? This should be your first port of call.

Mentor/Specialist Hub
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