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At the first event I went to I knew one person, but it didn't matter and everyone was really interested in getting to know me. It's about building those relationships and finding out what business you can do together after, which make it more likely that you'll do business!
Susan Sheahan, Group Sales and Marketing Manager, Dalata Group
All the events are really well organised, the lunches, golf days, all of them have been really brilliant.
Edward Crossan, Vice Chairman, Powerday
Other organisations do support members and offer guidance, but BITA are far more proactive in making the introductions that business may need. Businesses not necessarily have the option to do this themselves, which I think is where the value of BITA membership lies.
Neon Mavromatis, Managing Director of Construction, Kerry London
BITA has been the best networking organisation that we have been involved in. They are very practical and the opportunities are there, the introductions that are available have been fantastic.
Aidan Scollard, Partner, Roberts Nathan
Through a BITA introduction to Geason Training, we got a funding plan together and it has been hugely success full. Our apprenticeships and training have gone through the roof!
Eibhlin Flynn, Head of Client Relations and Business Development, Danny Sullivan Group
BITA has had a direct impact on our business - we've signed clients through them. There are a number of people we have met through the years that would not be clients if I hadn't joined BITA. Attending BITA events is one of our core marketing strategies.
James Maguire, Director, Crannull
We have customers that we've been trying to get an audience with for some time, that have turned out to be BITA members. So by attending events we have the opportunity to meet them in a less formal setting which is where relationships grow. People at these events genuinely want to talk with you and to do business and trade with one another.
Derek Bailey, Group Business Development Director, Speedy Services
BITA is oxygen for business. The main benefit is getting to meet new people and increasing your networks which is what BITA is all about, as well as a great way to give back, while also helping your business and yourself.
Dermot O'Grady, Chief Executive, Ardent Tide
I have never come across any events like the Construction Networking Lunches in London. To have the opportunity to meet people in that industry in one room is absolutely exceptional. It would probably take a member of my staff two years to access the same people that I can access in one day, one to one, at a Construction Networking Lunch.
Kevin Coughlan, Director, Millennium Communications Cellular Ltd
BITA, for me personally as well as the business, has been fantastic success. We have been involved for 4 years and we have met so many interesting people and companies which whom we have created great friendships, and actually a lot of businesses.
Richard Morrissey, Head Of Corporate Sales, Moneycorp
The lead generation has been phenomenal. BITA has enabled us to get to know people on a personal level which in turn helps us open doors, that as a small company, we would never normally have been able to do. The BITA events has allowed us to get to know the right people.
James Mitson, Director, Work and Wear Direct
An example of how BITA works was when I attended a Bluebird BITA lunch and met a contact from the Quinn Group. From this meeting our company secured a ‚ 15mil SRF project in Bally connell, Co. Fermanagh
Eamonn Drummond, London Operations Director, EDC
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