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Posted: 16/04/2021

Transport for London for London (TfL) have adopted the Healthy Streets Approach to improve air quality, reduce congestion and help make London’s diverse communities greener, healthier and more attractive places to live, work, play and do business. The vision for Equality and Inclusion is that every person matters in keeping London moving, working and growing. 

TfL also recognises the role of transport in improving health which is reflected in our strategic goals and business plans. The walking, cycling and using public transport Londoners do as part of their everyday routine, can deliver economic and social benefits by keeping people active and healthy. It is always therefore a priority to maintain access to sustainable transport .

20% of the population have a registered long term illness/disability and 80% of that number are hidden disabilities. A quarter of men and a third of women over the age of 65 do not leave there house on any given day.

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