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Wild Thang are now Powered by the Sun!

Article posted: 19/10/2023
Wild Thang are now Powered by the Sun!

Incredible news today from our members Wild Thang: In a momentous leap towards environmental responsibility, Wild Thang HQ and their world class manufacturing facility is now basking in the power of the sun! We are excited to announce during global goals week they have successfully completed the installation of their solar project. The glint of solar panels on the roof isn't just a dazzling sight, it's a testament to their unwavering commitment to reducing our carbon footprint. With sights set on achieving Net Zero by 2030, Wild Thang are actively making decisions that support this goal.

The addition of 290 latest generation 430W solar panels is a tangible demonstration of this dedication, symbolising their efforts to embrace cleaner energy sources. They are producing more clean energy than they need at Wild Thang thanks to the solar panels. An estimated 162% energy, with the excess energy of approximately 70% exported to the grid, 30% of the energy generated will cover around 80% of their total energy use! Over the lifetime of the solar panel system, it is estimated Wild Thang will avoid equivalent emissions of 604,491 KM driven by car, 433 long-haul flights, 3,886 trees planted per year and saving 21 tons of CO2. Creating long term partnerships is a critical part of making sure any important company vision and project come to fruition, so Wild Thang would like to thank both the NatWest who provided the funding for the solar project and TB Electrics who planned and installed the solar to a world class standard.

Wild Thang Managing Director Andrew Dwerryhouse said: “This is a tangible demonstration of our dedication, symbolising our efforts to embrace cleaner energy sources and become a net zero carbon business by 2030. Earlier in 2023, we unveiled our long term eight-point sustainability pledge which would provide us with targets to hit over the coming years to make Wild Thang a genuinely committed sustainable business. This was a really important part of that pledge and now it feels so great that we're generating clean renewable energy that powers our operations. This not only propels our productivity but also propels us forward on our sustainability journey reducing our dependence on traditional energy sources and contributing to an eco-friendlier world.”

TB Electrics Terry Owen commented “It was great to partner with such a forward-thinking company such as Wild Thang who are obviously committed to creating a more sustainable future for both the company and the wider community,

we are doubly pleased that they are happy with the solar install of the 290 panels and service we have provided from initial tendering to completed delivery of the project, which was delivered on time and budget.”   

Wild Thang Operations Manager Chris Dwerryhouse who led and delivered the project on behalf of Wild Thang commented “The process of bringing these solar panels to life was a meticulous one, we expertly planned, procured and installed the Solar project over a three-week period with very little disruption to our day-to-day business activities. Terry Owen and TB Electrics were a fantastic partner from start to finish including planning for each panel to be strategically positioned to harness maximum sunlight and connected with precision to ensure optimum efficiency. This process wasn't just about installing panels, it was about transforming our physical space into a hub of renewable energy, which we now believe is one of the biggest in the local area, which has been captured with some fantastic drone footage and will hopefully inspire other companies to do the same, it also really shows Wild Thangs genuine long term commitment to becoming Net Zero by 2030 which was announced as part of our bigger commitment sustainability pledge.”

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