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Why use a broker for your business insurances?

Article posted: 13/04/2021
Why use a broker for your business insurances?

We are proud to be the trusted insurance broker and Platinum Sponsor of BITA. With over 35 years’ experience and a Lloyd’s of London accredited broker, the firm is well positioned to offer comprehensive, bespoke insurance advice.

All businesses, large or small are exposed to numerous risks.  Kerry London understand that insuring risk at the right level requires in-depth knowledge, access to a wide range of products and an unwavering attention to detail.

The value of good advice

When it comes to protecting your business, knowing that you have the right insurance can offer genuine peace of mind. Insurance can be an extremely complex maze to navigate and put simply, you need high quality advice that you can trust.

Why use an insurance broker?

1.       Brokers can advise you on the product most suited to your needs.

2.       Insurance brokers have access to multiple products from multiple insurers.

3.       Brokers can save you valuable time and money as you won’t need to spend time scanning the market.

4.       Clear, jargon free documentation and advice with consistent, high quality service.

5.       Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority
All your policies in one place with people you know and trust.

What business insurances can Kerry London provide?

Kerry London provide bespoke insurance products for the construction, property, manufacturing, film and media, healthcare and sports and leisure sectors as well as specialist risks and personal insurance solutions.  Our business solutions include:

Construction Insurance: Covers including surety bonds, for all areas of the construction industry 

Professional Risks: Insurance for claims made against you linked to your professional advice 

Property Owners and Investor’s Insurance: For owners and landlords of let properties 

Manufacturing Insurance:  Bespoke cover that aims to protect your employees and your income

Leisure Insurance: Cover for Hotels, Restaurants, B&Bs, Health Clubs and Spas

Management Risks Insurance: Protecting the financial position of your company

Complete reassurance. Total support.

Kerry London can arrange reliable cover for the most complex risks from the world’s most trusted market. A wide range of organisations rely on us to provide advice and risk management solutions from well-known sporting organisations, to leading names in the construction sector.

Our team are available to assist you with any insurance related issues or questions.

Simply call us on:  020 8225 1165 or email [email protected]


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