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Welcoming Platinum Sponsor: Go Green Office Solutions!

Article posted: 12/02/2024
Welcoming Platinum Sponsor: Go Green Office Solutions!

BITA is excited to announce our newest platinum sponsor; Go Green Office Solutions. They're passionate about Eco-Friendly Design & supply and install your dream workspace! They also have an incredible member offer available where you can benefit from 10% off their amazing products:

They offer a complete solution for their clients, from designing your new space, office fitouts, installing your new furniture, removing unneeded items and even relocating staff.

They are passionate about recycling: approximately 200,000 tonnes of office furniture is thrown away by British businesses each year – more than half of which is thought to be reusable in its current state and another quarter of which could be upcycled. Such waste could be significantly reduced if the furniture were reused or refurbished.

Go Green Office Solutions already works with businesses to help them reap the benefits of reducing waste, developing sustainable products and using resources in an efficient way.

Find out more about Go Green Office Solutions here.


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