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Risks of Poor Air Quality

Article posted: 14/09/2022
Risks of Poor Air Quality

We are becoming more aware of the risks poor air quality has in your building or facility, in particular during the Autumn-Winter season. As the summer comes to an end and as schools and colleges return, Mia Air have had a number of queries around specific short-term offers for Autumn / Winter. 

Clean indoor air is now recognised as an important step in keeping your staff, residents and visitors safe from airborne particles and pathogens. Prior to the pandemic clean air was not a priority in Ireland. Organisations now have a duty of care to ensure indoor air quality is treated the same as the provision of clean water, adequate fire protection and safe stairways. Staff and customers require businesses to reduce airborne viruses and other airborne pollutants is now expected. Indoor air quality is becoming more relevant as higher scale return to the workplace continues.

Improving indoor air quality is much broader than Covid-19:

  • Improves occupant health and well-being
  • Increases concentration and cognitive processing
  • Reduces staff absenteeism
  • Encourages return to the workplace
  • Provides peace of mind to staff, visitors and customers
  • Can potentially impact the bottom line of a business

Mia Air have designed an Autumn and Winter offering to help protect your customers, clients, students or staff and visitors. Their special 30day member offer is flexible over monthly contracts to help your business or facility during this high-risk period. In addition, if you are a school or early education provider, there is a separate scheme for you. Their systems are HEPA 14 medical grade standard and used by thousands of medical, educational, retail and office type organisations in Ireland & the UK. They can also carry out a high-level risk assessment of your premises virtually or visit your premises at a time convenient for you.

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