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OceanR and Suzuki join forces to remove plastic waste from our oceans

Article posted: 15/09/2023
OceanR and Suzuki join forces to remove plastic waste from our oceans

OceanR and Suzuki join forces to remove plastic waste from our oceans!

On a mission to protect our oceans, Suzuki team up with OceanR, an eco-apparel brand founded in Cork to co-design hoodies as part of their clean project created to promote clean seas, each hoodie funds critical ocean waste removal projects across the Mediterranean & Kenya.

In a collaboration with OCEANR, Suzuki is facilitating the removal of plastic waste from the oceans with every outboard sold in the UK for a limited time!

As part of this campaign, to promote clean oceans Suzuki are gifting customers an exclusive custom-designed, Suzuki/OCEANR hoodie made from 100% organic cotton. 100% organic cotton is grown using methods and materials that have a low impact on the environment, helping to mitigate climate change. Cultivated without harmful chemicals or synthetic fertilizers, it safeguards soil health, conserves water resources, and promotes biodiversity. Organic cotton uses 91% less water in the growing process compared to conventional cotton.

This initiative is the latest step in Suzuki’s global ‘Clean Ocean Project’, which has also seen the Japanese manufacturer launch its own integrated micro-plastics collection device. Currently fitted as standard to the DF115 and DF140, Suzuki’s vision is to roll the device out across the entire range.

Established in 2011, Suzuki’s Clean Ocean Project originally started as a global network of beach clean activities. It has since been widened to include technological innovations such as the micro-plastics collection device and changes to Suzuki’s operational processes, such as the removal of nearly 20 tonnes of plastics from its packaging since 2021.

OCEANR’s mission is “Together with our brand partners we aim to positively influence our impact on the planet” They support companies around the world to achieve their sustainability objectives  – from reducing their carbon footprint and encouraging responsible consumption practices to sustainable innovation with new products and services. This is achieved by designing custom apparel and product ranges  that actively contribute to ocean conservation.  Every product purchased supports OCEANR’s pledge to remove 30,000 kilos of ocean waste this year through their partnership with NGO Enaleia who fund fishers to fish for plastic across the Med & Kenya. All garments are produced using small volume production, sustainable materials such as recycled polyester from ocean bound plastic waste, ethically produced organic cotton, and a closed loop supply chain.

Suzuki has engaged with OCEANR to work together to help reclaim our oceans for a better future and in announcing this initiative, Mark Beeley, Head of ATV & Marine for Suzuki GB said, “We are thrilled to be able to launch this exciting new campaign which we believe can help make a real difference to our oceans. As we know, plastic pollution is a huge problem, and it is through collective and collaborative action such as this that will have the biggest impact.”

Watch their video here!



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