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Corporation Tax Rebates welcomed as Platinum Sponsor at BITA for 2022

Article posted: 21/03/2022
Corporation Tax Rebates welcomed as Platinum Sponsor at BITA for 2022

BITA support a vibrant community of businesses who all aim to help one another achieve success through networking, education and social events, both online and in person. 

Corporation Tax Rebates work with companies of all sizes and industries helping businesses lawfully reduce their Corporation Tax bill and strengthen their competitive edge.

Based on an analysis of non-compliance, any business can recoup overpaid corporation tax. Over the last 12 months (2021) more than £5 million overpaid tax has been recovered. The simple explanation is that not being compliant with the data laws means most businesses have paid too much in tax.

The team of directors, comprising a specialist data solicitor, qualified accountant and R&D tax specialist, have developed a simple, fully supported and proven process. 

A business qualifies if it: 

·         Has paid £20k or more in Corporation Tax over the past 2 years, or

·         Is about to have a Corporation Tax of over £20k for the current year and 

·         Holds data; for example, clients, suppliers or staff, be they current past or potential

And where you:

·         Have not taken all your profits as dividends

·         Are happy to appoint us on a success only fee

We all know how complex the data laws are, and that under those laws compensation is payable if we get them wrong when collecting data as well as when we lose data, and according to recent UK Government analysis at least 54% of all SMB’s have had a data breach in the last 12 months.

CTR guides you through and submits the rebate claim on your behalf. All you have to do is give approximately 45 minutes of your time where you will be asked to answer straightforward questions about your business. The majority of clients can expect to receive a cheque within 6-8 weeks from submitting a claim under normal circumstances.

Our process has the benefit of not only potentially providing your business with a cash injection, it more importantly identifies the areas for improvement in order for you to become GDPR compliant. You will receive a comprehensive 30 page Risk Analysis report to help you understand the issues. The team is able to continue supporting you with this through their online GDPR Compliance product DataGuardsman.) which has been helping business since 2012.

There are so many industries and businesses that can benefit from the process – get in touch today! [email protected] or 0151 705 8300

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