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Do You Make These Mistakes in English?

News article from Revive Digital
Article posted: 11/11/2020
Do You Make These Mistakes in English?

Copywriter Max Sackheim wrote that headline to sell a mail order grammar course, around 1919.

It is considered by some as the most effective headline in history.  Why?

For a start, it draws you in. Who wouldn’t want to know what those mistakes might be and if you’re making them?

It’s that effective you’ll still see variations used today.

And it seemed a perfect fit for this blog – on spelling and grammar in your website copy and marketing.

Or more precisely…

… the issue of not understanding how spelling and grammar affects your copy and marketing efforts. Or even if it does it at all?

And we’re not talking about accidentally writing ‘£500 off’ instead of ‘£50 off’.

You can find the rest of this great article on the Revive Digital Media website 


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