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Accounting Pro Ireland's Services

News article from Accounting Pro
Article posted: 17/05/2021
Accounting Pro Ireland's Services

Accounting Pro Ireland was created for contractors by contractors. Trading since mid-2017, it was set-up by former contractors who have worked in the IT, finance, and accounting services. Our idea is simple - Take what we know from our many years of contracting experience and apply it to the current market. We service the contractor, SME, and start-up markets by supplying our services and using our best PAYE Umbrella service, Limited Company Accounting service, Outsourced Payroll and Factoring services. We possess the technology, team, and processes to ensure that we provide our clients with the best possible service and care, no matter which service they are availing of. Accounting Pro Ireland has hundreds of happy contractor clients availing of our services, with these clients coming from Tech start-ups, SME's, and larger companies. Our contracting clients come from a wide variety of industries, including Medical, Pharma, Banking, and IT.

Our team is passionate at what they do, which has been reflected by our 2021 win at the Irish Enterprise Awards for Best Contractor service. Winning this award was a case of FOURTH time lucky! Having been nominated for Best Use in Technology for 2018/2019 and for Finance Team of the Year in another National Award, finally getting this recognition from the Irish Enterprise Awards was a big boost to the team, especially during Covid-19. This award is an acknowledgement and testament of the hard work our team has done in order to ensure our clients receive the very best service possible.


Here is a more detailed look at the services Accounting Pro Ireland provides:


Contractor services: We offer a full range of PAYE Umbrella services to busy contractors. The team at Accounting Pro will take care of all administration, from invoicing and payments to ensuring your tax obligations are paid on time. An Umbrella Company acts as an employer for contractors on a fixed term contract, with their principal responsibility to arrange payment for the work carried out and to ensure all relevant employment taxes are deducted. The worker has a contract of employment with the Umbrella Company and is paid as an employee, receiving a payslip each time they are paid. 


Limited Company service: Accounting Pro can help you with the set up of a personal limited company. This service includes registering your company for all relevant taxes, such as Corporation Tax, PAYE, and VAT. We also provide PAYE submissions, VAT returns and company accounts. 


SME Accounting services: Our team at Accounting Pro provides a full range of accounting, tax, VAT and payroll services to Start-ups and SMEs.


Outsourced Payroll: Accounting Pro offers flexible payroll solutions for every business no matter what size your company is. Accounting Pro’s outsourced payroll service is ideal for any form of company and industry. We take care of each client and customize our service model to best suit the needs of each client. With years of experience in dealing with payroll management across various sectors, we are committed to providing the best solution for each business. We guarantee that your employees' payroll outsourcing experience is enhanced by presenting the most effective results with maximum transparency throughout the entire process. In our payroll service, we can accommodate different payroll schedules that are available on a weekly, fortnightly, monthly basis. 

To protect your employee’s privacy, we generate each payslip to be password protected which is only accessible by themselves. On top of this, we always keep up to date on the latest changes in Revenue requirements and ensure that our customers continue to comply with all mandatory regulations. With the help of a professional payroll service provider such as Accounting Pro, you can eliminate the hassle of handling payroll management. We will take care of the entire process and with a guarantee of paying your employees on time. As a business owner, you can now focus on growing your business. 


Invoice Discounting: Also known as factoring, invoice discounting is a flexible funding solution for businesses wanting to release the value of their outstanding invoices. In this purchase, accounts receivable are discounted in order to allow the buyer to make a profit upon the settlement of the debt. Essentially, factoring transfers the ownership of accounts to another party that then chases up the debt. Accounting Pro has just begun offering this new service to our clients, and we are excited to help contractors and recruiters with their invoice and cash flow needs. 

We have recently partnered with a global analytics and trade finance company called Gardenia Technologies. Gardenia Tech uses its proprietary System of Intelligence (platform, software, and machine learning algorithms) to provide working capital management and trade finance. Gardenia can also fund Accounts Payable, paying invoices on behalf of a company, so they can benefit from early payment terms. These analytics activities free up cash within the company, and the funding activities reduces the need for traditional bank credit, by increasing the liquidity in the company. This means, subject to certain data setups, we can help companies from SMEs to corporates, and government entities to fund themselves in a very low cost manner via their accounts receivables. Our client market has a real need for the services that Gardenia Tech provide. This service will help our clients to free up cash and reduce their reliance on credit. This will have amazing benefits to anyone who works with us at Accounting Pro and will have game-changing capabilities for BITA members.


Setting up in Ireland: Accounting Pro can help you set up your company in Ireland, which is an even more important consideration now that Brexit is in play. AP provides information on what you need to do to set up. We can make the work involved in setting up a company easier and more efficient for you, since we know the system well and also know how to make sure everything is done correctly. Once set up, we can then continue to work with you to ensure you stay compliant with all Irish company and tax laws.


At Accounting Pro, we make every step simple and easy and systematically facilitate each of our processes. If you have any questions regarding Accounting Pro and our services, please don't hesitate to email us at [email protected], or contact us through our website

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