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Free Xero Healthcheck

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Free Xero Healthcheck

As Platinum Xero Partners, we specialise in turning information in Xero into meaningful information for you by designing bespoke reports and dashboards for the information that is most important to you.

Xero was designed with businesses in mind. It’s aim is to make your life as a business owner easier. But are you using Xero how it’s intended? Do you use it for invoicing? For chasing payments? Do you have a ‘pay it now’ button? Is your data accurate to aid decision making? Are you spending too much time on admin?

Setting up Xero efficiently and making use of its add-on tools can help you save your business valuable time and money. Especially in this economic climate when having accurate data and the time to work ‘on’ your business is crucial to whether you sink or swim…

Why is a free Xero Health Check useful to me?

  • Clear sight of profits
  • Expenses detailed by category to allow easy management
  • Know your numbers and potential tax bills in advance
  • Reduce stress by knowing your accurate financial position
  • Ability to make informed business decisions using data
  • Reducing cash tied up in debtors by clear tool for management
  • Easier access to financing due to up to date and accurate records
  • Pay the right amount of taxes, be it VAT, corporation tax, personal tax
  • Prevent an HMRC investigation due to poor quality records
  • Avoid getting fined for paying the incorrect tax
  • Significantly reduce time spent on accounting admin
  • Automate and streamline processes
  • Clear next steps to take to improve the records and software ecosystem

To claim your Free Xero Health Check and Consultation, email us on [email protected] or call 01474 853 856.

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