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Welcoming Platinum Sponsor: Glencar!

Article posted: 23/01/2024
Welcoming Platinum Sponsor: Glencar!

BITA is excited to announce our newest platinum sponsors, Glencar. Glencar's co-founders are industry veterans and they are supported by an experienced team who have gained a wealth of specialist expertise over many years in the sector.

Glencar works closely with clients, developers and architects to create purpose-built facilities that meet the requirements of scheme aesthetics, function and budget. We deliver outstanding new facilities across multiple sectors, buildings that work for the end-user. We are renowned for the quality of our end product and continue to see new-build construction as our core area of expertise.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a developer, occupier or facilities manager – a building that doesn’t work for everyone will need to change eventually.
Every day, industrial and commercial buildings are renovated. This can be light touch in order to repair damages, fix faults and improve on general site safety, or, it could involve substantial engineering work to ‘future-proof’ and take a building to the next level.

Another important workstream within refurbishment is reconfiguration. Our team can help you convert almost any type of building, within planning constraints, to be used for a more desired outcome. We can also act as a partner to analyse portfolios and bring buildings that aren’t performing up to structural or environmental standards.

Amongst numerous options that we can analyse for your site, extension works often mean an expansion of concrete pad foundations and ground bearing slabs, additional structural steel or concrete framing plus follow on works such as replacing the external cladding, walls and roof structure. We can also optimise or replace your existing mechanical and electrical systems to service your new, larger facilities in parallel to undertaking structural expansion.

We pride ourselves on our cost effective, high quality design and fit out plans that enhance your business image while improving employee wellbeing and providing a higher level of comfort for end-users. There is no ‘one size fits all’ though. We will work with you throughout the project, from initial consultation through to post hand over, to ensure you get the best solution for your individual requirements and budget.

Whatever your enquiry, they'd love to hear from you, give them a call on: 0207 770 6900, or head to their website: Glencar Construction!

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