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BITA Awards 2022

The nominations for the BITA awards 2022 are now closed, if you missed the nomination window, you can always apply next year!


We have contacted all business that have been nominated for an award to get further information about their business. If you know you have been nominated, but haven't heard from us, please contact [email protected] immediately. 

The awards take part in 3 stages: Nominations, Finalists and Winners. 

The finalists in each award category will be chosen by our executive and non-executive directors, and then the winners will be voted on by independant judges from within the BITA membership.

All winners will be announced during the BITA Gala Ball, being held at the Londoner on the 1st October 2022.

You do not have to attend the Gala Ball to win an award, and if you are unable to attend, we will have a representative collect it for you. However we hope that you can attend, as it promises to be a magical evening!

The awards are being kindly sponsored by Kerry London & GalTipp Solutions

BITA Awards
BITA Supporter

This award is for companies or individuals that really 'get' BITA, and make sure that they are involved with the organisation - giving as good as they are receiving!

BITA Awards
Business to Business

This award is for companies demonstrating a successful track record of adding value to their customers' business through an understanding of partnership, responsiveness and their customers' own business drivers. 

BITA Awards
Emerging Young Leader

This trailblazer is coming up with innovative business solutions. We are looking for someone who is a calculated risk taker and an innovator. 

BITA Awards
Green Business Award

With a focus on sustainability, the winner of this award will be able to show a strong committment to environmentally friendly business practices throughout their company.

BITA Awards
Growing Business

This award is for companies who have been trading for a minimum of 3 years and who can show high growth revenue and profit over the last 12 months.

BITA Awards
Socially Conscious Business

This award is for companies that keep the needs of the community in mind, keeping locals and the community at the heart of what they do.

BITA Awards
The Charles Darwin Award

This award is for organisations that have successfully introduced a new product, service of process in response to a changing landscape. 

In the words of Charles Darwin; "It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change."

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