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BITA Awards 2021

We were sadly unable to host our Gala Ball in 2021, however we still wanted to aknowledge all of our members' hard work so we once again ran our BITA Recognition Awards!

There was lots of stiff competition from our members, and there were many people that were nominated, however there can only be one winner and three finalists, so congratulations to everyone who made it as a finalist, and a very special well done to our incredible winners. 

Full details about these companies can be seen in edition 12 of our magazine, NetWorks.

BITA Awards
BITA Supporter

This award is for companies or individuals that really 'get' BITA, and make sure that they are involved with the organisation - giving as good as they are receiving!

BITA Awards
Commitment to Sustainability

This award is for businesses who put sustainability at the core of what they do, and how they operate.  
COP26 has proven that sustainability is not just a buzzword by showcasing the UKs commitment to net zero and gaining agreement to The Glasgow Climate Pact which will speed up the pace of climate action. BITA has it’s own commitment to global sustainability by providing information and support to initiatives that increase participation in the overall goals.   Finalists for this award are businesses that are leading the pack in their sustainable practices. 



BITA Awards
Contribution to the Community

This award is for companies that have a true community spirit and show this in the way they support their locals and keep community at the heart of what they do. We give our thanks to all the members that give their time and resources to support their communities and these nominations are just the tip of the community spirited mountain in our wonderful organisation!

BITA Awards

This award is for organisations that have successfully pivoted their business operations or strategy in response to crisis, or who have provided unique solutions to issues facing businesses.  

BITA Awards
Rising Star

This award is for newer members of BITA who are getting heavily involved and who are committed to making it work. Not just for the younger members of BITA, this award recognises hard work and innovation in all our members.  

Our finalists for the Rising Star 2021 award were Elliott Looney for his BITAz initiative, Dan Marsden of Searchflow for his enthusiastic involvement with the Kent Chapter, and Tara Crossan from Powerday for running the canal clean up and work with BITAz.


BITA Awards
World Travellers

This is a one-off award as we couldn’t ignore the incredible travelling duo of Rachel McGuinness from Wake up with Zest, and Mark Williams of Pensar! This couple have been to more BITA events across the UK than any other member and have also stopped off at many exciting locations along the way. Their Instagram is a sure way to start feeling jealous, so here’s to you two! 

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