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BITA Awards 2020

This year we were unable to host our regular awards, so launched the BITA Recognition Awards. These were to acknowledge members that were working incredibly hard and long to help support their communityes, staff and BITA. These Executive and Non-Executive boards were asked to vote on a short list of finalists that had been nominated by board members from all chapters.

BITA Awards
BITA Supporter

This award is for companies or individuals that really 'get' BITA, and make sure that they are involved with the organisation - giving as good as they are receiving!

BITA Awards
Contribution to the Community

This award is for companies that have a true community spirit and show this in the way they support their locals and keep community at the heart of what they do. We give our thanks to all the members that give their time and resources to support their communities and these nominations are just the tip of the community spirited mountain in our wonderful organisation!


BITA Awards
Inspirational Leadership

The inspirational leadership award offered very stiff competition for our finalists, and there have been so many incredible business leaders in the past 12 months. These are the people who were prepared to change the way they did things, to engage with staff differently, and to ensure that their business sailed safely through choppy waters. This award is for business leafers that provided true inspiration and innocation in 2020.

BITA Awards
Successful Adaptation

This award is for organisations that have successfully pivoted their business operations or strategy in response to crisis.



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