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How are we getting back to the office?

Article posted: 07/05/2021
How are we getting back to the office?

As COVID restrictions start to lift across the UK, we’re seeing a big rise in people returning to the office and with that, a return to some normality. The roads feel busier, lunch spots are picking back up (if only for takeaway), and face to face meetings are making a comeback. We’re also seeing lots of offices preparing for the return of their staff with fresh office fitouts, new office furniture and newly-designed office spaces.

COVID-19 has affected people differently and there are still a huge number of people who don’t feel safe returning to the office just yet. The structure of the post-pandemic work world therefore remains up in the air, despite some workers’ assumptions that office life has changed forever. It may be hard to know exactly what set-up an individual employer may choose, but understanding why opinions are so diverse – and why some sectors are keen to have employees back in house – could help workers prepare for a future that may look different than they anticipated.

According to Nicholas Bloom, a management expert and economics professor at Stanford University says, since the pandemic struck, other more legitimate fears about remote working have surfaced: reduced productivity, due to the current lack of space and privacy, loss of informal interactions that allow creativity; and the mental burden of employees always having to be
switched on digitally.

For those of us amongst us that are itching to get back to the office, it is still important to remember COVID guidelines, and ensure that everyone in the workplace feels comfortable and safe during this return. Here’s some ideas of how to do just that:

Maintain 2 metre distance at all times
Wash hands regularly and continue to use hand sanitiser throughout the day
Try and keep windows open for air circulation in the office, making sure fresh air is coming through
If you aren’t feeling 100%, try not to come into the office but instead work from home until you feel better or have had a negative COVID test
Here at Go Green, we can offer expert guidance and support on government advice, COVID guidelines and how you can implement alternative office layouts that will make sure everyone is comfortable and safe on their return to work. We can also advise on office reconfiguration, COVID signage and full PPE Workwear for your workplace.

Get in touch with a member of our expert team for more information –
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