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Coopervision Refurbishment

Article posted: 16/08/2022
Coopervision Refurbishment

Coopervision is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of soft contact lenses and lens care products. Since its inception in 1980, the company has grown considerably and now sells it sproducts in over 100 countries worldwide.

Coopervision contacted Rap Interiors again for a second refurb project at the same location. Rap’s brief was to make significant changes to two of Coopervision’s industrial units to boost productivity and improve working conditions for employees. This would include the creation of a number of workspaces and upgrades to the lobby areas, washrooms and shower facilities.

With a remit to help expedite workflow, we introduced a range spaces for collaboration and controlled working. On the ground floor of unit one, we created a new boardroom. The key features of the boardroom include a heavy-duty collaboration table with integrated power, a “cube” storage facility with lockable units, mottled grey carpet, and a wall feature for a splash of colour.  Other works to the ground floor included the installation of a tea point and showers, and changes to the lobby area and washrooms. 

On the first floor, we created a number of offices for the Coopervision executives to carry out work with optimum focus. We specifically designed these to be consistent with the ground floor boardroom, with the same orange chairs, blue and white walls, and mottled carpet. Additionally, we refurbished the first floor circulation space, making for a bright, uncluttered and free-flowing walk through the building.

For the second unit, we started by making changes to the ground floor lobby.  For the ground floor, we created a shared office space for larger teams, which includes several two-person desks with screens and a range of storage solutions. Next to this, we introduced a vibrant collaboration space, which includes a stunning Frovi poseur table with integrated coat hangers.

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