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BITA Provides Access to Kick Start Scheme

Article posted: 23/10/2020
BITA Provides Access to Kick Start Scheme

Government grants available to help young people get jobs and BITA is helping through the Kick Start Placement Programme.

New apprenticeships are in decline and existing apprenticeships are being slashed.  Graduates can’t get the experience they need to find full time jobs and students are finding it tough to find those retail and hospitality jobs that will see them through their university years, so what then?  Bank of Mum and Dad will be squeezed further when they could already be juggling a shrinking budget.

And what of the recently graduated or long term unemployed?  

The governments Kick Start programme with a £2bn investment from the government could help and the BITA team will help you to manage any placements through support with resources and training. The government will pay the wages of the young person aged 16-24 + any NI and related costs + you will receive a £1500 grant to cover things like PPE and training.  Apply here to access the grant funding with BITA.

In addition to the Kick Start Programme Chancellor Rishi Sunak has also set aside funding for traineeships, providing the employer with a £1,000 grant to offer work experience.  Find out more here:

Rishi Sunak unveiling ‘kickstart Jobs Scheme’ for young people:  Full BBC News article here:

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