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The way we connect to the internet is changing - old fashioned, slow & unreliable copper telephone lines are being replaced by ultra-fast, ultra-reliable fibre optic connections.

You can turbo-charge your business connectivity by connecting to a full fibre service. Whether thats a leased line with service level guarantees, or a budget-friendly broadband service, we have the right solution for you.

Now, all BITA members can benefit from 20% off your monthly subscription, and thats not just a one-off, its for the whole length of your contract!  Whatsmore, we'll even supply the service with no installation charges and a free router as well!

So, why not take advantage of the next generation of internet connectivity with speeds up to 10Gbs ?  

Get in touch with Nxcoms, email [email protected] or call 0161 711 1100 to claim 20% off now!

Join BITA now and begin building strong business relationships with other UK and Irish businesses.
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