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The CSCS Gold Supervisor Card is a card for those working in a supervisory role. It provides candidates with a way to display their competence in the Level 3-4 NVQ or SVQ they have undertaken. Please follow the link to view a breakdown of each Supervisor NVQ’s


If you would like any further details about the NVQ’s, or to register, please contact Alex or Jake on 01623 287830 ([email protected] or [email protected]), please state your BITA membership details and you will be offered the 10% discount off the prices stated below:

  • Construction Contracting Operations £1,250.00+vatpp
  • Occupational Health and Safety £1,250.00+vatpp
  • Occupational Work Supervision (Construction) £1,250.00+vatpp
  • Construction Site Supervision (Construction) £1,795.00+vatpp

(Please Note: All Supervisor NVQ’s are completed by demonstrating your performance by providing documentary evidence of you carrying out the role, through an assessor supported portfolio)


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