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SCAD Software UK Ltd

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Green Farm

The Green



RG20 7BH

United Kingdom

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About SCAD Software UK Ltd

Started 20 years ago with a vision to revolutionise the way software was developed. Today's software takes too long to develop, costs too much and developers spend an increasing amount of time simply keeping code current and ensuring it doesn’t go out of date. In our view more focus should be on finding ways to build software faster, lower cost giving more time to focus on innovation for the business.

We have built a software development methodology, delivered as a service, that directly addresses these challenges. Whilst this has been tested and proven across a wide range of industries and company sizes, the majority of our business has been from Banking and other Financial Services organisations (eg. Loan Application systems, Debt collection software, Marketplace products to name just a few).

In a nutshell, we turn source code into metadata. This reduces the amount of source code in an application by at least 40%. In our experience, this enables us to deliver typically 75% faster than traditional development. We future proof our clients against future new technologies and an estimated 30% cost saving.

This methodology also enables us to offer clients a more flexible business model. We Partner with our clients, working closely with them in a collaborative manner sharing the risk and orientating the majority of our remuneration to the point of delivery or when the Client starts to realise the business outcomes.

One of the most important benefits of this approach – is that our clients can focus their attention on innovation and bringing new things to market quickly. We deliver new release cycles. New features are much easier to implement in our methodology than having to create new source code. Leave us to keep your applications up to date – focus your team on innovating for the future.

Our technology platform can be used to build new applications as well as migrate legacy software.

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