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Living the Pipe Dream for 25 years

News article from Business Connect Magazine
Article posted: 26/01/2022
Living the Pipe Dream for 25 years

Business Connect have always been interested in stories looking at how successful businesses have grown from humble beginnings. The story of Plastech is no exception. Now celebrating 25 years in business and distributing from outlets around the country, director Paul Quin shared a history with us of his company’s growth through thick and thin:

“Plastech began trading in February 1997 with myself and fellow founding director Cliff Lloyd. We had known and worked with each other on and off for the previous 10 years, and we both had experience of internal and external sales roles within the Construction sector.

“We had always spoken about one day setting up in business for ourselves. Over the years we had been in jobs where we felt our talent and hard work hadn’t been appreciated by our employers. We were also frustrated with the meagre wages being paid for what we knew were very difficult roles.

“Whilst working at a company in Leeds we decided that we’d put our life long dream into action and went about speaking to suppliers and customers that we knew well, trying to gauge which ones would support us when we set up a new company.

“This was mid-January 1997, and roughly a fortnight later we both got a call from head office to say that the word had got back through the industry about what we were up to and we were both sacked on the spot.”

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