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About ADAMAPP, Ltd.


Design and develop your app, platform or AI technology with ease and confidence. Our proven 4-stage methodology has successfully brought over 100 complex digital projects to life. ADAMAPP is a passionate, dynamic, and award-winning software house with offices in London, Toronto and Prague. We combine our forward-thinking and innovative approach with continuous learning to build effective solutions for every client. We aim to be your technology partner, driving your business forward and providing solutions to problems.

ADAMAPP is 10 years old, with 80 people based across three offices around the world. We've created over 100 unique apps, used by over 35 million people around the world. Each of our teams brings a positive attitude and proactive approach. We place a strong emphasis on close collaboration which leads to fruitful partnerships with our clients, including Tesco, T-mobile, Metlife, zellebrate or Vodafone.

Our unique technology building process allows for integration with your teams, constant innovation and agile development. We're efficient and flexible, ensuring you have the end product you need to drive your business forward.

Our process:

1 - We begin with a discovery session, where we take the time to really get to know your business objectives and goals.
2 - The next stage is design. We keep you in the loop with weekly iterations, before applying feedback for the next stage. 
3 - Then our engineers get to work to build the product, before the final stage.
4 - We are your tech partners, constantly learning and improving to help maintain and develop your product.

Some of our happy clients: Tesco, Vodafone, MetLife, Mi9 Retail, T-mobile or zellebrate

"ADAMAPP produces quality work and is committed to our timeline. The team's positive attitude and proactive approach distinguish them from other partners. They add value by making great recommendations in addition to delivering stable solutions."  Tesco, Basar.

"Determination and doggedness of ADAMAPP to find anything you want to resolve any issue has been like nothing I've seen before, and I've been around a while." Chris Russell, Co-Founder & CEO at zellebrate

"I would emphasise smooth cooperation with them and the pro-active attitude of their team". - T-mobile, Alexe.

"They have been more partner than a supplier. They're the reason we developed a successful application." - Sazka, Hegenbart.


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