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News article from Yoga Factory
Article posted: 26/10/2020
Member Benefit - Claim now!

BITA member benefit - one month complimentary access to the Yoga Factory live on-line!

Find out how this package can help motivate your workforce and why our programmes have much more to offer than You Tube yoga recordings.

At The Yoga Factory, we understand the importance of keeping a workforce productive, happy, healthy, and motivated. That's why we have created a corporate online wellbeing programme so our nation's workforces can easily access the many benefits that yoga brings.

We are offering all BITA members the opportunity to claim one months free access to the Yoga factory online platform for up to 25 employees so they can take advantage of that access AND if you decide to take up a programme for your team you can also claim a 10% discount.

Our on-line programmes encourage commitment to the practice as individuals are required to book-in for a live class holding them accountable and giving you the opportunity to measure activity.

No matter their level of fitness, flexibility, gender or age, from as little as £9 p/p per month our corporate wellbeing programme provides workforces with;

  • unlimited access to our timetable with over 25 live Yoga & Meditation classes each week
  • expert knowledge from our group of professional and highly trained teachers who are available to answer any questions or concerns
  • a portal of unlimited On-Demand yoga accessible at any time, any where, all filmed in full HD (these are recordings of the actual classes so the quality and delivery is consistent with the live offer)
  • weekly masterclasses and workshops on a variety of subjects from BioDynamic Breathwork to nutrition and diet
  • men-only classes and workshops which assist with strength, mobility and flexibility that many of todays sports require for optimum performance
  • additional value of a variety of live Yoga & Meditation classes that can be arranged as private for your teams and tailored to their needs 

With a connection to a peaceful and happy community, all this will help manifest a productive, motivated and conscious lifestyle in and out of the workplace.

Visit Yoga Factory Corporate for more information and contact Josh by email: [email protected] quoting BITA2020 to claim your month for up to 25 employees and access your 10% discount.  

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